Throw Caution To The Wind

It’s critically important for everyone to take COVID-19 seriously. We’ve seen an increase in cases after the reopening of businesses, restaurants, parks, gyms and hair salons. Californians let their guards down as the summer temperatures soared, so did the spread of the virus. California is officially back to phase 1.

Coronavirus Surge

Sadly, wineries and their tasting rooms, dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, card rooms, bowling alleys, zoos, museums, miniature golf and other family entertainment are all shutdown. LA Unified School District announced they will not reopen and will continue with online classes.

Covid-19 is still scary. It’s possible that a lot of people will continue to get sick, many will be inconvenienced, and yes some will die. It’s the risk we take as we go about our day. It will take time, but a vaccine will be available.

Spread Joy instead of the virus ❤️

If we take reasonable precautions (wash hands, wear face masks and social distance), and only buy the TP we need for a month, 99.9% of us will be here next year to complain about the collapse of our stock portfolios and reminisce on how life used to be.

Continue to be mindful, remain safe and stay informed. Thank you for reading my post and following me as I go about my day. ❤️

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