The Things We Do

Remaining inside and staying safe at home has Californians rethinking their daily activities as we enter week 16 and it saddens me to see a rise in covid-19 cases. The things we do and the actions we take affect everyone as I take a glimpse back to day 1.

Week 1
Trader Joe’s

There were empty grocery store shelves from panic buying once the “shelter in place” was announced in California.

Week 2 Shortages

Coronavirus fear creates a demand for antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers as we constantly wash our hands (for 20 seconds). Oddly, hoarding of toilet paper became a panic purchase.

Week 3
Puzzle Building

As the coronavirus starts to spread throughout the USA, everyone has gotten comfortable wearing their pajamas to binge-watch Netflix episodes and puzzle build.

Week 4
Zoom, Skype, FaceTime

“Zooming” becomes a social phenomenon in just a matter of weeks as schools, businesses, family and friends communicate (from a distance) during the pandemic.

Week 5
Work From Home

My household is full of activity as my children continue working from home and settle into their “home office” routines.

Week 6
Parks & Hiking Trails Remain Open

Californians take “flattening the curve” seriously by remaining safe at home and practicing social distancing while outdoors.

Week 7

Everyone’s daily lives have been altered and put on hold as planned trips, events and activities have cancelled as the virus continues to spread and the lockdown continues.

Week 8
Dog Walking

As the shelter-in-place restriction continues during the coronavirus pandemic, walking my dog, Mickey has become a reason to venture outdoors.

Week 9
Clearing Clutter

Thinking of what sparks joy, I have a Marie Kondo moment while cleaning and organizing the closet.

Week 10
Home Cooking

Home cooked meals are creative and satisfying as we get used to dining at home. It seems everyone’s eating in and enjoying new recipes👍🏼

Week 11
Protests & Riots

As the coronavirus level lowers, a video of George Floyd’s death while in police custody goes viral. We witness a senseless act of excessive force with no regard of human life and the world responds with protests and riots.

Week 12
Facial Masks

Facial mask requirements flip back and forth as friends create beautiful masks. Thank you Minh, Ann and Birdie for your DIY facial coverings 😷

Week 13
Let’s Bake

Months at home viewing videos of pastry bakers and posts of delicious sweets inspired these creations. Eating during this pandemic has lead to “quarantine 15” 😮

Week 14
Dining Out

As California enters phase 2, I experience my first dine-in, still social distancing and wearing a facial mask. Somehow it’s just not the same.

Week 15

Whether you have a green thumb or not, just being outside as we shelter-in-place had us gardening. Beautiful blooms, vegetables and fruits are now plentiful.

Week 16
Covid-19 Surge

Coronavirus levels are surging in California as we enter week 16 of sheltering-in-place. Celebration of our independence surrounds us on this 4th of July as Governor Newsom announces California’s lockdown for 3 weeks as bars and restaurants close.

We will get through this together with clean hands, a facial mask and a little distancing while sheltering at home. Continue to be mindful, stay informed and remain safe as we weather through the uncertainties.


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