No Longer Social

Facebook reminds us of past moments in our lives. Today, those happy moments from the past are revisited as I remember life before the pandemic.

June 30
Legal Seafood in Boston

A lunch date in Boston to reconnect, a picnic with the guys and a fun night out while in Honolulu, an Angel’s game in Anaheim and a Michelin dining experience in LA are those passing moments ❤️

June 30
Angel Stadium
June 30
Puu Ualakaa State Park in Honolulu
June 30
Nico’s Pier 38 in Honolulu
June 30
The Thai Thing in LA on 3rd Street

California is currently seeing a spike in the covid-19 cases after reopening phase 2 businesses following the lockdown. I still wear a mask, wash my hands, social distance and remain safe at home.

June 30, 2020

Morgan’s longtime friend, Lenny stops by today. It was a short friendly visit with no hugs or the usual invitation inside. Lenny dropped off freshly picked zucchini from his yard and homemade zucchini breads. Gardening appears to be everyone’s hobby lately as Lenny leaves with a truckload of plumeria cuttings and a little bit of aloha. ❤️

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and all it’s uncertainties, we are all adapting and although I’m virtually social, behind my mask there’s a smile 😀

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