Anaheim Packing District

Anaheim Packing District is in it’s 3rd week of reopening their facilities for safe dine-in as Orange County moves into the second phase of Stage 2. It was an opportunity to get a glimpse of the changes we all will have to adapt to.

Anaheim Packing House is usually very busy on the weekends and parking is difficult. However Today though, parking was not an issue and customers were few.

Tables had been x-ed out and chairs removed in compliance with the 6 ft distancing requirement and we find 2 tables facing one another as we wait for our lunch order from Georgia’s and Chippy.

Met Birdie & Don for lunch and had a mask exchange. Birdie’s been busy sewing facial masks and I received a travel and coffee printed creation from her collection. Giving each other the thumbs up as we social distance.

Chef Shachi Mehra kindly posed and is smiling as she acknowledges she won Chopped. She is the chef and owner of ADYA, which offers street food from India at the Packing House.

Birdie bought this cute teacup from Seed, a little shop located in the Packing House. A perfect birthday gift for her aunt. ❤️

My first dine-in👍🏼. UK style fish and chips from The Chippy Fish & Grill. Is it like the ones in London; not really. They were moist and fresh from the fryer though.

Practicing social distancing and wearing a facial masks in public areas does make conversation with friends difficult. I miss the social contact of greetings with a hug and seeing a friend’s smile during this coronavirus pandemic.

What do you miss?

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