Phase 2

Orange County is now in Phase 2, where retail and dine-in restaurants can re-open. Everyone is now required to wear a face covering whenever in public. I find California’s re-openings confusing since each county is approved individually, similar to each state differing in restrictions.

Birdie coordinates a “mask” birthday celebration outdoors with friends seated safely apart and foregoing hats with party masks 👍🏼

In Texas, Maggie and Gwyn enjoy a spa day with friends as nail salons re-opens, adding distance.

Annie and Roy support local restaurants in Hawaii each week and keep in touch with friends with each delivery, social distancing and masked. A novel concept to “Take-Out-Thursday” 👍🏼

Arizona’s re-opening has Terri enjoying life with friends, music and wine. There’s hope for normalcy as states requirements ease.

Coronavirus is life’s biggest changer and the new normal in Orange County California will be challenging as I improvise while the gyms remain closed. Continue to be mindful, remain safe and stay informed. Thank you for reading my post and following me as I go about my day. ❤️

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