Grocery Shopping

Purchasing groceries and venturing out to different supermarkets has never been “my thing” well before the coronavirus pandemic. Morgan enjoys going to the various markets and preparing our family meals. However, I am the designated shopper now knowing my spouse is vulnerable during this pandemic.

Since the shelter in place order I’m a novice behind the cart, ending up bringing home incorrect items despite the fact that I have a written list.

Once a week venture

Who knew there’s a difference between yogurt being “Greek” and don’t get me started on the rules!

*If I bring my recycle bag, I bag my groceries myself! What! 😳 So I simply let them bag them in plastic. *Limit of 2 meat purchase, with packs wrapped in 2s or 4s. What 😳, I’m a family of 5! So one person simply doesn’t eat 🤣

I am adjusting to my new role as the food gatherer 🤣 and it’s my hope you continue to be mindful, remain safe and stay informed. Thank you for reading my post and following me as I go about my day. ❤️

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