Quarantine Haircuts

Routine Haircuts

A visit to our hairstylist is like clockwork, however it’s been several months since we’ve had a haircut.

It turned out to be a DIY day as I readied the clippers to buzz Mackie’s head of hair. The results weren’t too bad 🤪

Next….. Marshall sits in the chair for his buzz cut. Another success 👍🏼

After viewing Mackie’s and Marshall’s buzzed heads, and knowing the hair salon won’t be opening for business anytime soon, Morgan takes a seat. 🤣

Mickey had his turn too as I trimmed his fur, and just in time as the temperature heats up in Southern California. 😎

I’ve decided to let my hair grow and not worry about it. I’m fine giving the guys a buzz cut with the electric clippers, however I don’t think that look is for me. 🤣


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