Eat In

From a Box

Now that my favorite cafes and restaurants have closed their doors for the time being, I’m filling up my tummy cravings at home.

From the Freezer

Gyoza for a quick snack from the freezer, to the pan, to the plate and to my tummy. 😋 Delicious Japanese fried dumpling hits the spot.

From the Drive Thru

Taco Tuesday Dinner from our local Del Taco for 21 tacos 🤣

Garlic Noodle with Peanut Sauce

YouTube chefs create the most tasty sounding dishes as we flip from one delicious channel to another. A garlic chicken noodle video seemed appealing and became a satisfying lunch.

Dinner Creation

A hearty dinner of 6 items + rice, it’s a little of this and that 😮. Home style creations that soothe your soul. It was so full of baked flavors.

Chinese Take Out

KPB Asian Bistro is a favorite neighborhood restaurant and it’s so nice to see they’re busy with take out orders. 👍🏼

Beef Barley Stew

Healthy and hearty barley stew, another home run dinner dish and I’m so thankful there’s a chef in the household. ❤️

Chocolate covered Strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries🍓 were today’s sweet treat. Grazing has become a pastime. Yikes!

Manoa Valley Guava Jam
Fullerton Avocado

What’s on your plate?

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