A Routine

A study suggests I may be experiencing an internet addiction if I spend long stretches of time (defined as “many hours”) online for nonwork-related activities, such as browsing the web or playing video games.

Last week was spent being consumed by the news. It got to a point I was checking the news and obsessing on the latest coronavirus update while sheltering in place.

The days run together as I remain at home scrolling through countless emails, sensationalized newsfeeds and Facebook reposts trying to stay informed on Covid-19, but realizing they have become repetitive.

Paying attention has become counterproductive and I’ve stopped reading and watching the news. No newspapers, no news programs and no internet snippets of world drama.

Things are very different this week than they were last week, and we don’t really know where things will be next week. It has been challenging coping with all this uncertainty and changing out of pajamas and putting on makeup has become pointless. 😂

We will get through this by remaining calm, mindful and informed. Stay at home so we can return to normalcy❤️ My interactive friends are waiting ….

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