“Are You Happy Today?”

A greeting my dad would often say throughout his day to anyone he came in contact. I have no clue how it started, I only know it’s been his catch phrase as long as I can remember.

Lunch with Friends – January 7, 2020

As my days shift to shelter in place mode, so has my content. I seem to abandon most posts as soon as I start them. “Flattening the curve” is one example which quickly ended once the Chinese takeout arrived. 🤣

Another unfinished thought sitting in draft mode is “Extrovert”. I can hear all the introverts saying, “What’s the big deal!” I get my energy by being around people and staying put has actually been difficult for me. Those of you who know me, understand completely. 👍🏼

Extrovert – Draft
“Are you happy today?”
Now go wash your hands!

I’m one of those people that when asked what they want in life, would say, “I just want to be happy…”.

“Are you happy today?”

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