“Are You Happy Today?”

A greeting my dad would often say throughout his day to anyone he came in contact. I have no clue how it started, I only know it’s been his catch phrase as long as I can remember.

Lunch with Friends
January 7, 2020

As my days shift to shelter in place mode, so has my content. I seem to abandon most posts as soon as I start them. “Flattening the curve” is one example which quickly ended once the Chinese takeout arrived. 🤣

Flattening the Curve 🤣

Another unfinished thought sitting in draft mode is “Extrovert”. I can hear all the introverts saying, “What’s the big deal!” I get my energy by being around people and staying put has actually been difficult for me. Those of you who know me, understand completely. 👍🏼

Extrovert – Draft

I’m one of those people that when asked what they want in life, would say, “I just want to be happy…”.

“Are you happy today?”

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