March 21st

We all have a date in time which causes us to pause, reflect and remember.

March 21, 2020

March 21 is that day I find myself both happy and sad. I think of all the joys I experienced as I started my life changing career as a flight attendant but I’m also reminded of the grief and emotional sadness of my dad’s passing.

March 21, 1977

43 years ago I earned my golden wings as a flight attendant with United Airlines and although it’s cliche, I still enjoy traveling and meeting people.

Retired June 2003

Although I’m retired, every flight attendant knows once those wings go on, they never come off and as I reflect on a lifetime of camaraderie and fellowship, a huge smile surfaces.😀

March 21, 1998

22 years ago at the age of 73, my dad passed suddenly while on a business trip. His sense of humor, charismatic personality and famous “are you happy today” phrase brings on a huge smile as I recall fond memories ❤️

I created this video a few years after his passing as a remembrance.


  1. I remember your dad well. As you said he was always a cheerful person. I remember him and your mom coming to Cheryl’s parents Christmas party too. Your brothers Brian and Scotty were always cheerful to.

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