Eat At Rudy’s Torrance, California

Eat At Rudy’s is a cash only diner located in old downtown Torrance.

Rudy’s was packed with loyal customers who were dining inside and outdoors.

Specials of the Day

It was my first time dining at Rudy’s and decided to try a breakfast special from the board.

Beef Machaca Omelette / Chili Cheese Size
Chili Verde Mad Dog Omelette

Rudy’s is a comfy little diner with delicious food, hearty portions, friendly service, and great tasting brewed coffee! The Mad Dog omelette was definitely satisfying and a great choice 😋

Eat At Rudy’s

On this Tuesday, I experienced sincere gratitude from a place I’ve never been to before. Eat At Rudy’s owner and servers were thanking customers for coming in.

My heart actually sank with each repeated thank you of support as my thoughts turned to the wake of this pandemic.

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