Coronavirus affecting Californians

“Shelter in place”, a term Californians will become familiar hearing as the coronavirus spreads in our state and we prepare to stay inside.

Sam’s Club limiting entry

Most of us typically go about our day-to-day routines as if on autopilot, but that clearly has changed.

Empty shelves

The coronavirus is spurring panicked shoppers to stock up on products as they prepare to hunker down. Fear is triggering hoarding and sadly creating the frenzy we are witnessing.

Fully Stocked

Despite scenes of long lines and empty shelves in headlines, there are fully stocked shelves that aren’t being shown.

Inside Sam’s Club

As I stroll through the open aisles pushing the shopping cart, I wondered why limiting patrons from entering was necessary. There was hardly anyone inside and no lines at check out.

I realize our new normal has changed causing all of us to rethink the most basic aspects of daily living, from large (such as whether to go to work, work from home or skip work altogether) to small (such as when and how thoroughly to wash one’s hands). But adjust we must as the coronavirus spreads.

I shall comply and prepare to hunker down.


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