Nguyen’s Kitchen Costa Mesa, California

Open til 2:30am nightly

If you’re out looking for a late night meal, Nguyen’s Kitchen is a great alternative to the usual fast food chains.


I had a late night pick up at John Wayne Airport, making it a perfect time to try this Vietnamese eatery in Costa Mesa, CA.

Garlic Noodles w/ Chicken – $10

Nguyen’s Kitchen is known for their tasty garlic noodles which I ordered with chicken as my protein. The creamy mushroom sauce blended well with the garlicky flavors. Loved this dish and next time I’ll try the chicken thigh instead of the breast.

Garlic Noodles w/ Pork – $10

Morgan ordered the garlic noodles with grilled pork which adds a sweet taste to the dish. Yummy 👍🏼

Bulgogi Short Rib Steak Sandwich – $7.75

Mackie ordered the bulgogi banh mi which is commonly served by street vendors in Vietnam and a personal favorite of mine … so I had to try his. My bite into the crusty bread containing marinated pork, crispy pickled carrots, onions and fresh cilantro was a thumbs up 👍🏼

Cajun Garlic Fries – $4

We had to try their Cajun garlic fries which compliments any sandwich order. These fries are thinly cut and freshly made to order.

Green Sauce

This green sauce has a kick to it and is garlicky strong. I simply loved that big hit of heat and garlic which Morgan found a bit too strong for his taste. It’s a personal preference and not for everyone.

Thai Tea – $3.45

I enjoy drinking milk teas and chose their Thai tea which has a sweet and creamy taste. (*no boba)

Nguyen’s Kitchen is definitely a trendy spot to meet up and they’re open late! Would I come back? You betcha!

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