Coronavirus Update Orange County, CA

A banner hanging from a window in Venice. Photograph: Luisella Romeo

“Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be all right”

Italian’s slogan boosting their morale
Millie’s Restaurant & Bakery

It’s been a rainy and chilly Friday the 13th in California today and I’m beginning to observe the behavior effects of the coronavirus as I meet up with Rosie for lunch.

Dined at Millie’s Restaurant & Bakery located in Covina, CA for lunch and was pleased to see tables of elderly diners enjoying themselves. A week ago this scene would’ve been common place, however today as the coronavirus spread across California it is now more of an anomaly.

Arnold Palmer / Fish & Chips

Enjoyed my fish & chips and loved the oldies being played. It brought back memories. 👍🏼 I could easily see why Millie’s patrons are over 80.

California Grocery Stores

After lunch, it’s a trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up frozen orange chicken and broccoli florets for dinner. While Rosie swings over to Sprouts and Vons to pickup a few items.

Empty shelves

Trader Joe’s shelves were bare. What’s going on? The excessive hoarding and overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic is causing panic buying and unknowingly, I was experiencing it first hand.

Long Lines

Trader Joe’s shelves appeared barren, however the lines to their check out were long. I left my empty cart on the way out and an employee commented, “This crowd is nothing, you should have seen it earlier!” I’m actually thankful I didn’t. Rosie also left Sprouts and Vons after seeing long lines.

Friday League

Tozai Nikkei League discuss whether to bowl or postpone our winter season as concerns over the coronavirus grows. The decision to continue for now was made.

Today I witnessed irrational fear, not because it’s Friday the 13th, but the effects of the novel coronavirus. Many people who are now working from home were crowding into stores panic-buying and hoarding as news of school closure and events continue.

It’s understandable to be fearful, however baffled by the irrational stockpiling. We need to behave responsibly and “everything will be all right”

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