Coronavirus Pandemic

Elbow Bump

The coronavirus is a topic on everyone’s mind as it rapidly spreads across the world. Today, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Elbow bumping will soon become common practice.

Courtesy of Tom Hanks

The dangers of this new strain of coronavirus continue to spread and evolve. Now that it’s here in the United States, community spread is real and “washing hands” has taken on new meaning. Tom Hanks, an actor I’ve always admired and his wife Rita Wilson, have tested positive of Covid-19 according to his Twitter and the NBA reported it is on hiatus after a positive test result. This is serious.

Every establishment quickly sent messages to reassure us of steps being taken on our behalf in their efforts to add calm. It’s apparent, everyone needs to seriously be mindful.

Toilet Paper

Today, I dreaded the task of shopping for toilet paper 🧻. The news reported TP hoarding, leaving empty shelves which seemed curious to me but off I went. No problem as I loaded my cart 🤣.

Disneyland Closure

Coronavirus has hit California and social distancing is real. My happy place announced it will close this Saturday in response to this pandemic. Hopefully, it will reopen in April.

We all need to be informed while we continue living life. Be safe my friends, we will get through this pandemic.

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