Coronavirus 2019, Covid-19, C19

Should I panic? The coronavirus, which did not exist 90 days ago, has managed to spread rapidly causing anxiety and questions as to how we should go about our daily life. Although I consider myself to be in good health, it’s my age that classifies me as “elderly” and at higher risk.

Royal Princess / March 28, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control currently advises older people and those who have serious chronic medical conditions to take actions to reduce risk of getting sick with Covid-19. They recommend avoiding large gatherings, resulting in cancellations of weddings, funerals, concerts, fundraisers and numerous scheduled events. Hmm, it makes you wonder.

The CDC made the decision to stop the Royal Princess from leaving Los Angeles yesterday in their efforts to contain Covid-19 and prompting Princess Cruise to alert future passengers with a warning.


The CDC’s advisory of washing hands and no face touching is a task I can easily do. However, social distancing will be extremely difficult and my biggest downfall. Socializing on a cruise ship with passengers and crew appears to carry a higher risk of being infected with Covid-19. Yikes!


I considered being stuck and isolated in our balcony cabin for 14 extra days and felt it wouldn’t be so bad. However, the uncertainty of not being able to dock at a port and getting infected while at sea has become concerning.

There’s a well known Hawaiian phrase, “Eddie Would Go”, however in these current circumstances …. Eddie might, but Donna won’t. The Royal Princess on March 28th, whether it sets sail or not will depart without me.

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  1. There’s also the saying, “Better safe than sorry”! There will be time for cruising when this is all over my friend! 😬

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  2. Wise choice- those dang irresistible buffets are becoming more thought-provoking with thinking about how many hands have touched the serving spoon….and how many have put back that roll or dessert they decided they did not want/need. Yikes!

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