Shabu Haru, Rowland Heights CA

Shabu Haru

Stepped into Shabu Haru in Rowland Heights for a Sunday meal and ended up stuffing my tummy to its limit.

Step 1: Choice of Broth

After opening Shabu Haru’s menu, I had a hard time choosing a broth … there were just too many delicious sounding options. We went with the miso, pork bone, spicy szechuan and the original dashi broths; a good variety and all equally tasty.

Step 2: Choice of Meat

It was easy to pick the meats …. 2 Ribeye Combos for 2 (Wagyu Ribeye (12pc), Prime Black Angus Ribeye (12pc) and an appetizer) + Ribeye. It was oh so good. 👍🏼

Unlimited Vegetables

Each order comes with unlimited vegetables, however one bowl is plenty. You also receive a bowl of purple rice with your meal.

As our broths boiled, we first added the veggies to soften and later the meats. My first bite actually burnt my tongue as I slurped the delicious miso dashi broth. 😛

Wagyu Beef Sushi

The food and service was excellent, as servers attend to multiple tables and even refilling your broth. Wagyu Beef Sushi is torched to your liking at your table too.

Soft Shelled Crab

This soft shelled crab was my appetizer choice and a pretty tasty dish when dipped in their ponzu sauce.

Shabu Haru

It was a pleasant and relaxing experience at Shabu Haru. The meats were quality grade and melt-in-your-mouth good. I’ll definitely come back on a Tuesday for lunch when it’s AYCE for $20.00 and sure to be a line.

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