LA Cookie Convention and Sweets Show

2020 LA Cookie Convention & Sweets Show

The 2020 LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show is touted as a “can’t-miss event and the BIGGEST baking, pastry and sweets convention on the West Coast!” I decided to satisfy my sweet tooth and attend the event at the Fairplex Convention Center in Pomona.

Available Photo-Ops

If you know me, I can’t pass up on a photo-op; even one next to a Ghostbusters Mobile with Raphael beside me (which made no sense at this event) 🤣

Sweet, Savory & Salty

There seemed to be no shortage of something sweet, salty or savory which satisfied my sweet tooth craving rather quickly.

Found some great new products that I loved.

Savory Sauces

This is Erick, whose chili sauce had just the right heat for both Mackie (the hot sauce connoisseur) and me.

The BBQ sauce was also a standout with a smoky taste that wasn’t too sweet.

Sweet indulgence – Original Fookie

Greg and Lisa’s “Fookie” is a deliciously thick fudge cookie that’s just so creamy rich and sinfully yummy. Greg generously handed me a box and my thighs thank you🤣.


Red Root is a red date ginger tea which Mackie and I both enjoyed. It’s the ginger that makes this tea standout.

The A-Sha Seaweed Snack is a crunchy seaweed rice cracker and a healthier snack. I couldn’t stop eating their samples 🤣

Savory – Banzai Jerky

Jeff’s Banzai Spicy Bacon Jerky is da bomb and who doesn’t love bacon! I enjoyed promoting and handing out their samples. These bags of jerky sold themselves with just one tiny taste. 👍🏼

Sweet – Chocolate Toffee

Castles Confections’ homemade white & dark chocolate toffee is my recommendation👍🏼. I loved both blends of chocolates in every bite with the crunchy nutty toffee. It’s Brian’s family recipe passed down from his mom!

Honorable Mention

I wasn’t looking for a vegan, gluten free, non GMO cookie, but this cookie mix from Peanut’s Bake Shop makes delicious cookies! Took a pic with founder/owner Audrey, who is a nutritionist and food blogger.

Duff Goldman

Who did I run into at the LA Cookie Convention and Sweets Show? Celebrity Pastry Chef Duff from Charm City Cakes on Food Network!

Although the LA Cookie Con was a much smaller event than what I had expected, I had a wonderful time. It was a treat sampling so much sweets and learning how each product got its start.

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