Friday Night League at Linbrook Bowling Center, Anaheim CA

Linbrook Bowling Center

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip”

Gilligan’s Island Theme

My Friday night, Storm Tozai Nikkei League is far from your typical, ordinary, habitual group of bowlers. It’s a good time, laugh-out-loud, hand raising fun bunch I have grown to love and be around. My team’s name; Gilligan’s Island suggests the characters I bowl with and whom I call my teammates.

Recap of Gilligan’s Island

My teammates; the Skipper, Professor and Gilligan were unable to pull off this 3 hour tour, losing all 4 🎳 and the S.S. Minnow tonight. Sadly, MaryAnn was no help with a 108 in Game 1 and a shameful low of 93 in Game 2. 🤪

Time spent surrounded by these fellow bowlers who compliment, push and carry the load makes Friday nights enjoyable, fun and entertaining. I look forward to next week when we set sail for another 3 hour tour.

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