Waitomo Glowworm & Cave Tour

New Zealand has some of the most challenging and spectacular caves in the world. We were able to visit 2 of their famed Waitomo Caves in the Waikato region.


10:30am Spellbound Glowworm & Cave Tour gave us a quick lesson on limestone, glowworms and caves before starting the tour.

Zane, guided us through the caves and leisurely floated us on a raft through the glowworm cave. He was our amazingly entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide.

Entering Mangawhitikau Glowworm Cave not knowing what wonders I would be seeing.

Donning hardhats equipped with flashlights, we enter the astonishingly beautiful underground world.

Glowworms, arachnocampa luminosaare are actually maggots with shining internal organs. The Māori name for the glowworm is titiwai meaning “projected over water”. It was unbelievably amazing to see their shiny threads dangling.

Glowworm’s sticky threads

Viewed the glowworms with with flashlights on their webs of sticky threads and when flashlights were off you could see them glowing.

Glowworms glow to attract insects, which get caught in the glowworms sticky lines. When a female reaches adulthood it uses the light to attract a mate. The glow also protects them from getting eaten by predators and is used for burning waste.

While in the glowworm cave drifting on the raft, the brilliance of the illumination was breathtakingly beautiful.

Spellbound offers coffee, tea or hot chocolate and biscuit (cookie) break before visiting the next cave, giving our small group of 11 a chance to know one another. Robin and his 4 year old son, Jackson from New Zealand will be travelling to Disneyland next year and I’m looking forward to showing them around 👍🏼

Skeletal remains of a Moa.

TE ANA O TE ATUA; Spirit Cave contains remains of an ancient moa, a large extinct flightless bird resembling the emu, formerly found in New Zealand.

Dry Cave

Te Ana o te Atua (Cave of the Spirit) is full of limestone formations, fossils, and bones.

Different formations

Aven (pot hole) is a vertical shaft leading upward from a cave passage.

No Flow Flow Stop
Active Flow

The 3 hour cave tour concludes as we exit Te Ana o te Atua. It was an enjoyable small group tour which made the experience feel more personable.

Te Ana o te Atua (Cave of the Spirit),

I found these unique glowworm caves amazing, interesting and an experience not to be missed. https://www.glowworm.co.nz/spellbound-cave/