Wholly Smoked, Rotorua

We headed to Eat Streat for dinner, a million dollar outdoor dining area in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Eat Streat

It was our first meal after arriving at Auckland International Airport in the morning, hiking the Karangahake Gorge Trail in the afternoon and driving to Rotorua to our hotel.

Wholly Smoked

We strolled through one restaurant after another on Eat Streat and stumbled upon Wholly Smoked’s dinner special menu for NZ$29; an appetizer and entree. Their happy hour also caught our eye and drew us in.

Beer & Wine / NZ$h5.00

The New Zealand Green Mussels were simply the best. This appetizer dish could easily have been my main entree, it was deliciously fresh and satisfying.

Chicken Wings

I would not recommend the chicken wings as a starter, they were just so so and not very pleasing in appearance. Dorie was not a fan of her order.

Smoked Lamp Chop

I often order lamb chops and was underwhelmed by the fatty pieces on my plate. It was an okay dish; a bit disappointing for me, as I was looking forward to eating a nice smoked lamb chop. The Greek salad and baked potato were excellent though. 🤣

The Beef Brisket was tasty and satisfyingly good. Morgan was glad he ordered this as his main entree.

The Charcoal Flamed Steak was overcooked, dry and (in my opinion) its messy presentation made it even worse. Dorie felt Wholly Smoked was sub par and I think you’d agree.

Wholly Smoked was a disappointing choice, however we did enjoy our wine, beer and New Zealand Green Mussels. And of course, dinner is always better when we eat together.

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