San Francisco For A Day

“Expect the unexpected and go with the flow”

My motto 👍🏼
A day in San Francisco

A cancelled flight delayed our New Zealand trip and gave us an unplanned Saturday in San Francisco.

Pacific Ocean

We took a Lyft from Doubletree Burlingame to Golden Gate Park. Turning what was supposed to be Day 1 at Hot Water Beach in Coromandel into a day at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco! Making the most out of an unforeseen situation. 👍🏼

Dutch Windmill

There’s so much to see as you walk Golden Gate Park.

Bison and Scenic Waterfall

I was surprised to see bison grazing in Golden Gate Park.

The walk around the park is like a mini adventure, there’s so many different landscapes within Golden Gate Park as well as neighborhoods.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

The botanical gardens are organized by geographical region and we took a stroll through the Australia and New Zealand garden to get a head start on what we’ll be seeing in NZ. 🤣

Asian Garden

Relaxing and enjoyable as we walked through the many gardens, although their $12 weekend entry fee is a bit steep 😐

The Fragrance Garden

Sniffing and viewing the beautiful blooms in the Fragrance Garden which encourages you to touch and smell. ❤️

Spreckels Temple of Music

Japanese Tea Garden

San Tung Chinese Restaurant

San Tung restaurant had a line out the door. My name is on the list as #62, party of 3; they just called #16. What do you think my chances are?😂🤣 Will have to try their chicken wings some other time.

Sriracha Thai Restaurant
Pork Spring Roll / $7.95
Beef Pad Thai / $9.95
Pa Naeng Curry / $10.95
Kanah Moo Krob / $13.95

Sriracha Thai Cuisine appeared unassuming with none of the crowds and activity surrounding San Tung Chinese Restaurant, so we stepped in and were glad we did. My favorite was the Chef’s Specialty; Kanah Moo Krob. The crispy pork belly with Chinese broccoli had a little heat from their garlic chili & black bean sauce.

Got a ride back to hotel to retrieve our luggage, shuttled to SFO and boarded the Saturday night flight to Auckland.

United Flight 917 San Francisco to Auckland; 13 hours, 2 movies, 2 meals and a snack.

Bulk head seats

Auckland here we come 👍🏼

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