Súp Noodle Bar

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” — Anna Thomas

Súp Noodle Bar is a hip Asian fusion eatery located in Buena Park. Stopped in about 2:00 pm and was seated immediately! I recommend coming in for lunch because you can usually expect a wait during dinner time; Súp Noodle Bar is packed until closing.


Golden Bao

Started off with Súp’s Golden Bao; a Vietnamese fried pork dumpling which brought back childhood memories for Morgan. The fried bao’s outer shell has a crunchy first bite. 👍🏼

Brisket Pho

All pho orders comes with unlimited noodles, making this dish such a deal, and don’t forget to ask for fresh basil. The Brisket Pho is Morgan’s favorite and although I’ve never acquired a liking to pho, I somehow find the broth at Sup delicious and to my liking (a first).

Chicken Curry

The Chicken Curry dish has just the right kick to it which elevates the taste. It’s served with a plate of rice you can spoon into your bowl of curry or eat with the curry spooned over the rice.

Shaken House Fries

Shaken House Fries is Sup’s best seller and I can understand why. Their thin fries are topped off with melted cheese, beef belly, caramelized onions and a drizzle of spicy tartar sauce. Aah, carb heaven

Herbal Tea

The Herbal Ice Tea is a free treat if you check in on Yelp. It’s a drink anyone can enjoy!

So the next time you’re wondering where to eat, check out Súp Noodle Bar.

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