An inflammation of the voice box from overuse, irritation, or infection. The main symptoms are hoarseness and loss of voice.

Lunch Bunch
Kevin, Fred, Morgan, me, Brian, Jackson & Karen

It’s Friday and I’m headed to a lunch bunch get together at Kyoto’s Buffet & Grill. My voice is raspy and it’s difficult talking without coughing. How am I going to cope 😳

All-you-can-eat buffet offering over 200 freshly made items

Kyoto Buffet & Grill serving sushi, dim sum, seafood, Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese and BBQ dishes; claiming to offer over 200 freshly made items.

While everyone chatted, I loaded up on my second plate; taking a little of this and a little of that. It was very hard NOT talking and joining in on the conversation. When I tried, it was merely a whisper, irritating my throat further causing me to cough. 🤭

Since I was unable to converse much, I filled up on the sushi, followed by dessert. You can’t beat the affordable AYCE $12.99 lunch price or the 10% senior discount. So, if you’re ever near Brea Mall and have the urge for something to eat but are unsure what you want ….. Kyoto Buffet & Grill is your best bet. There’s such a variety of dishes to choose from that you’re bound to find something you like.


After the 4 hour lunch, my day continues with Karen. We chatted until my throat got too scratchy and words could no longer be spoken. Decided to give Karen’s recommended Netflix series a shot: Private Practice (which I found to be like Grey’s Anatomy). My Netflix recommendation: Grace & Frankie (which Karen ended up watching 5 episodes 😀)

Friday night league play at Linbrook started with a very foggy drive to the bowling center.

Worst score ever 🤣

At this point my hoarseness, difficulty speaking, sore throat and irritating cough had gotten worse, and my bowling was no better 😥. Team 10 won 3 points tonight, our team takes 1. I just could not hit the right mark no matter how hard I tried; bowling the worse scores ever; 80, 93, 106 🎳

Team 10
Team 6

Stan’s laugh say it all as we call it a night. Despite not being able to talk, it was a great day. I’m resting the voice, drinking hot tea, taking throat lozenges and counting on getting better.

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