Corazon Modern Kitchen

The question of where to eat is often a decision we find difficult to make. People understandably feel comfortable dining at familiar eateries and with so many different restaurants out there, it becomes even harder. When making my decision, I always opt for giving the new kid on the block a chance; whether it’s dining in my community or in yours.

Corazon Modern Kitchen in Downtown Fullerton

Corazon Modern Kitchen opened in November 2019 offering a limited lunch and dinner menu. Although there’s a wine bar signage, no alcohol is being served as the restaurant is still awaiting their liquor license.


The modern space has a dessert case where you can view their pies, cheesecake flan and other sweet treats.

Dinner Menu starts at 3PM

It’s located in downtown Fullerton, where there is no shortage of different eateries to choose from and making it easy to miss this little hidden gem. Ariana, our courteous and friendly server explained the different dishes on the dinner menu. She made selecting our entree easy!

Flautas de Pollo, chip & salsa, El Tamal and Enchilada de Mole

FOOD: The complimentary chips and salsa was something to munch on while we waited for our appetizer. (*warming the chips would’ve elevated this dish)

Our appetizer choice was the Flautas de Pollo with it’s chicken, onion and tomato filling. It was beautifully presented, tasty and an excellent choice. Ordered the El Tamal as my entree, it’s a sweet corn masa served with Chef Fernando’s sauce and is truly a “must try” if you enjoy something sweet and savory. Morgan ordered the Enchilada de Mole which he commented was very good and adding that you could taste the fresh ingredients with every bite. It was a pleasant dining experience and worth trying.

Owner/Chef Fernando Romero

The next time you find yourself wondering where to eat, Corazon Modern Kitchen might come to mind. I definitely will be back to try their lunch menu where their dishes are priced under $10.00. Perhaps you can join me!

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