Hike, Eat, Play

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” — John Muir

Peter Schabarum Regional County Park is located in Rowland Heights.

All to often, we forget to stop and take a few minutes to enjoy the view, no matter where we might be at the moment. I decided Schabarum Park would be a pleasant change of scenery as I hike the 6 mile Schabarum Loop. It’s a dog friendly trail that takes you through Schabarum Park. There are however, signs pointing out rattlesnakes, mountain lions and coyotes; even though these sightings are rare.

Life Trail

Life Trail is an exercise area inside Peter Schabarum Regional Park just past the parking entrance. You are able to check your posture, do some yoga, work on your upper body or relieve your stress and pain. I tried out a few of these exercise units and found out there’s even free exercise classes given!

Dog Friendly

There is direct access to the trailhead and signs leading off to several small trails in the park. You can either hike on a dirt path or take a paved walkway and there’s great views of the Rowland Heights area and the local hillsides.

As I hike along the Schabarum Skyline Trail, my thoughts turn to my 3 children. Today, each taking different paths with my eldest enjoying the holidays in Ternopil, my middle child shopping in Shanghai and the youngest, taking in breathtaking views of Manhattan and enjoying a meal from “Uncle Ted” Turner.

The foliage, views, trees and trail

The trail was refreshing, beautiful and enjoyable. It was nice being somewhere quiet and not knowing where the path will take you. I found myself excited as I explored and discovered what was ahead. I hope my journey in life continues to be filled with new adventures and fun moments.

Hummingbird & Butterfly Garden

I was surprised to discover a Hummingbird & Butterfly Garden tucked between the tennis courts and the outdoor pavilion. Although it’s winter, and not the season to view the birds, flowers or butterflies; I ventured into the garden to take in the views. After all, isn’t it nice to wander into a place you’ve never been! Beauty can lie every step of the way.

So no matter where you find yourself, or what is presented before you… just experience new things, let things happen, and without any fears (rattlesnakes and all). The purpose in life is to live it and to enjoy the journey.

I hope you find yourself taking a dirt path soon!

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