Elderly, Who Me?

“Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!” Ingrid Bergman

The definition of aging …. process of becoming older physically, psychologically and socially; the chronological age of 65 years is considered “elderly” or an older person.

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m bowling at Westminster Lanes with the ladies on the Niko Niko Trio League. Niko in Japanese means “smile” and “niko niko” is “smiley“; and from what I can see, there’s no shortage of that here! These beautiful women continue to enjoy life.

I find myself bowling against Team 4; Joyce, Amy and Ethel, (Sadie and I were a twosome on Team 7). While spending my morning bowling and having fun with these inspiring ladies, it became more apparent that age is just a number. Just being alive, enjoying each moment and living life is what matters.

In case you were wondering who took all 4 and who landed a big fat 0…. the photo says it all.

Ethel May, 94 years young

Now that I’m considered old, by definition, my attitude towards aging has shifted and I feel younger as I grow older. Today while bowling, this amazing, strong and inspiring “older” woman made me realize there is so much in life to enjoy if you keep doing what you love doing. Our journey in life may not become easier as we grow older; prompting my question to Ethel of her youthful secret. Two simple words, “Stay Active!”

I will heed Ethel May’s advice as I continue to enjoy each day. Life brings us so many joyful moments and my day with these awesome women truly was one of them. Life does get more beautiful!

I hope you take the time to Niko, enjoy your day and STAY ACTIVE! The view is truly better.

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