Discovering Monterey Park

Lunar New Year Festival in Monterey Park, Garvey Avenue is closed off for pedestrians only

This year, Chinese New Year begins on January 25th and end February 8th. It’s historically the longest holiday of the year. In California, several cities will celebrate the Year of the Rat with festivities such as this one.

I visited Monterey Park’s Lunar New Year festival today and took in all the sights, sounds and aromas from various food vendors, entertainers and specialty shops. I received a red envelope, traditionally a monetary gift given during the holidays. (enclosed was a travel voucher)

Monterey Park police motorcycles are pretty heavy! I hopped on one of them under the watchful eye of Officer Akpawu while at the Lunar New Year Festival.

Eating and gambling seemed to have the longest lines at the festival. Pechanga Casino was among several present with chances to win giveaways. The popular food vendors were the ones selling kebabs and squid.

These ladies seemed to having such a wonderful time performing and they made me smile as I watched them preform their rehearsed routine. Hndreds of new year wishes don these branches as festival goers wrote their out their notes and tied them on display.

The zheng, a chinese harp being played while festival goers walked pass in search of another free giveaway or food sample. It was a cultural day and Mickey enjoyed it too. There was so much to see and enjoy.

A favorite dim sum shop in Monterey Park, Dim Sum Express

Recommend the Hom Suey Gok (crunchy fried mochi shell with a warm pork filling) and their BBQ Pork Puff is light and flakey with a delicious pork filling. Of course, the Baked Pork Bun and their Sesame Ball are oversized and a must! I would stick with the dim sum, my order of spicy pork chop and noodles were so-so.

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