Discovering Downtown El Segundo

Morning trip to LAX, a quick airport drop off before exploring nearby El Segundo

My morning started off with a trip to LAX. My son decided to hop on a flight to Shanghai to meet his friends. On his agenda: shop for high demand items, dine on the best Peking Duck and fix his iPhone screen (don’t ask). 🤣

Wanting to take advantage of being in the area and to dine somewhere new, it was an easy decision to head just a few minutes south of the airport to El Segundo. (I recommend you do too, especially if you ever find yourself with extra time before or after a flight).

Bread & Butter

FOOD: Bread & Butter is a little cute eatery located just minutes from LAX with indoor and outdoor seating. The Philly Cheesesteak and the Steak Breakfast Burrito were deliciously filling. It’s definitely a hidden gem located near LAX in a strip mall. Decided to discover what else could be found in El Segundo.

Downtown El Segundo

I’ve only known El Segundo as the city located next to LAX in the South Bay with the giant Chevron plant and power facilities. Yes, both the noise and oil refineries are present, and although rather unappealing; I discovered there’s more to this little suburb and one worth exploring.

What I discovered today, downtown El Segundo is a hidden gem with the charm of a small all-American town. There’s American flags waving along Main Street, ample free parking (no meters anywhere), dining, shopping, parks, museum, microbrewery and a music hall!

Fire Station, Music Hall, Rock & Brews and newly opened Metro Cafe

While walking the downtown streets (and getting my steps in), I checked out the art galleries, a popular surf shop, antique stores, dozens of restaurants (I want to try) and wandered around the residential homes just a few blocks away. I found the area charming, quiet and void of large crowds.

El Segundo, can easily be one’s “day trip” as the banner suggests. Food is one of the main reasons to drop by and many of the eating places are located in the downtown area. Brewport Tap House, was on the list to check out today for lunch, however it was closed for a private event. Guessing I’ll be back.

Today was a wonderful reminder to “just go”. Go and see the beauty of what lies just beyond. No matter if it’s near or far; “just go”. Grow and discover with each day; and as my day unfolded, there was so much more to see just a block away and around the corner.

Rita Steinberg in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine, Hutsul musicians, Coffee shop draws patrons on cups

It truly was a beautiful Saturday and a great discovery day. My children are exploring and discovering exciting new adventures as well, however in far away places. Mackie is in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, just south of Lviv in Ukraine (photos), Marshall on flight to Shanghai and Dorie is in NYC this week.

A “daywithdonna” has been a new beginning of sharing my day and thoughts. I’ve actually made it through my first week and hope you enjoyed my day of discovery. Thank you for coming along with me.


  1. Great job, Donna. I used to live in El Segundo for a couple of years back in the 70’s. I Lived with a couple of flt attendants in a house on Maryland Ave. As you may have noticed the streets are named after the states. The best mechanics (Jim and Jack’s Autobody on Grand Ave have been my mechanics since the 70’s. I highly recommend them. The little town still is a hidden gem. Roseann Barr has one of her houses there. I ran into her a few years ago coming out of a local restaurant. You can’t mistake that voice.

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