Facebook to Blog

Now that the first week of 2020 has come and gone, I’m looking forward to what new discoveries, adventures and events lie ahead.

Thank you Facebook friends who’ve been so supportive on my recent webpage. Creating “daywithdonna” has been both challenging and exciting trying to navigate through a new social media. Leaving Facebook will be difficult as it’s a place I’ve grown comfortable posting my thoughts and daily life. It’s a place where “memories” pop up with a glimpse of what was relevant and important on that specific day and time.

Here’s to another shared day …..

My birthday, 8th Morgan, 9th Elizabeth, 10th

Whether it’s a celebration (Birthday Trio on 8th, 9th, 10th), time to workout, a day of fun or dining out….Just enjoy life and your Friday.

FOOD: “Nothing’s Free” …. not true, as I enjoy a free birthday meal at Souplantation. Haven’t been here recently, so it was a pleasant surprise receiving the free meal coupon and nice revisiting an old favorite dining spot. Their soup & salad bar are always fresh (cream of mushroom soup and the wonton salad are my favs! … the ice cream too!)

League Night with the guys….Jonathan, Mark and Vern

Managed to win 3 tonight.

A fun night with Team 9; Dave, Karen, Cecily and Alan.

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