Goodbye 2019, A Reflection

Dear Past,

On this first Sunday of 2020, I turn my attention to the highlights and the low points of 2019. I feel overwhelmingly grateful for the many friends and family members who rallied by my side when Morgan experienced a spinal infection. My life as a caregiver multiplied from caring for Mom, to devoting my attention on my spouse.

Low points of 2019 were definitely challenging, however, although they were difficult moments, Morgan was always upbeat and positive. His hospital room (with a view) was always filled with visitors and hospital staff all wanting our room on their shift schedule.

I’m truly touched and thankful for everyone who sent their blessings, prayers and well wishes. No matter how small the gesture, I was deeply moved by the love Morgan and I received from those near and far. The only amazing thing during this period for me was my ability to lose weight! I was back to my high school girlish figure (personally, I’ll take going to the gym any day).

FRIENDSHIPS: My United Family continues to be a large part of my retired life and I feel blessed to have everyone of them as my friend. It’s said that once you become a flight attendant and the wings go on, they never come off whether they can be seen or not.

I continue to cherish the friendships I’ve made during my flying career and although most of us no longer don the uniform, I feel there still is a very strong bond. I look forward to the get togethers and truly love what we shared and experienced in the friendly skies ….

My Happy Place: I have been a fan and a Disney passholder for years and found it very stimulating and therapeutic for my Mom. It was “our park” and although Mom’s back in Hawaii, Disneyland will always be a “go to” spot. I miss her company, but know being back home is where she belongs. My Disney Family continue to grow and it’s truly “my happy place”.

FOOD: The discovery of new places to dine and meeting the Chef’s creating these delicious entries have become something of a passion. It also helped in Morgan’s recovery with weight gain and strength. A few (of many restaurants) I’ve enjoyed in 2019 are pictured here and one’s I recommend trying: XLB Dumpling Bar, Lit Cafe, AM Thai, Little Sister, Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, J’s Korean Cuisine, Cafe 86, Garlic & Chives, Calo Kitchen and Mix Mix Kitchen Bar

Highlights of 2019 were many and as I reflect back on last year, despite it’s beginnings… it turned out to be full of fond memories. Friends and family filled up my every day life and added to my 365 days of adventure.

FRIENDS: I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by so many friends whom I can be myself with. My life is richer because of these friendships I continue to make along the way.

A visit to Hawaii was such a treat. I was able to catch up with old friends and laugh about small kid time. Ahhhh, the years do go by quickly the older we get.

My memories of beautiful sunsets, outdoor activities, lunches, dinners and the countless people I’ve met along the way have energized me and make me the who I am. Yes, I truly believe my life is richer because of those whom I surround myself with and am blessed and thankful.

Dear Future:

There are no more days in 2019. Here’s to an exciting 2020.

Look out, here I come:


  1. Hi Donna! Just wanted to let you know I’m following your blog. I’ve always enjoyed your Facebook posts and I appreciate your positive and fun view on life. So, thanks for always sharing!!❤️
    Your Cousin,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cyndie,
      Thank you for following along, life should be fun and exciting ….. my journal has always been a place I’d safely jot down my thoughts and daily activities. It’s my hope you’ll find my day enjoyable. ❤️


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