Wood Cafe Thai Cuisine

It’s the first week of a new year, time to dine out and try some place new!

Wood Cafe Thai Cuisine opened it’s second location in Fullerton and my opportunity to check out what it has to offer.


Wood Cafe opened November 2019

Wood Cafe offers a lunch special, which is a smaller entree portion that includes a salad and white rice and you can add on appetizers. (went with this option)

Ordered the Vegetable Egg Rolls appetizer and the Fried Tofu from the lunch special (just $2.00 with entree). I found the sauce thin and runny (not what you normally expect) however it’s still sweet. I personally enjoyed the eggroll over the fried tofu which I found bland and dry for my taste.

Wood Cafe’s menu

This is what we ordered for lunch: Pad Thai for me which I ordered medium (I normally enjoy my Thai dishes spicy, however medium was a bit too hot for my palette).

Panang Curry medium for Morgan (was perfect) . Would I dine here again, Yes!


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